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FT Legacy 1: Who is Frank Twine?


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A Frank Twine mystery.
The murder of Kushal Manjaree, a young billionaire entrepreneur and an emerging politician in the ruling party, in his Chhatarpur villa in New Delhi, creates a stir in the nation’s political circle and triggers a high-profile investigation under the aegis of the home minister and the DIG. ACPs Vasu Sagar and Jennifer Alphonse join hands after a long hiatus in a quest to resolve the mystery in a matter of days. To their dismay, the case turns out to be a pandemonium of confusion.

With mounting pressure on them, the ACPs turn to the deceased’s personal diary for clues and uncover a world of puzzling passages that lead them into the past.

What they discover is not the solution but a welcome message to the dangerous and daring world of a calculative, clever, and ruthless killer, Frank Twine.

Who is Frank Twine? Does he really exist?
The answers they find are more baffling and mind-numbing than the mystery.

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5.5" x 8.5"


400 Grams



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