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I am Numbered


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A thought-provoking original story about the battle against corruption led by the Prime Minister, aided by a few men on the side of equality and justice, ‘I Am Numbered’ shows how one man with good intentions can change the lives of a billion people. When the PM Atul embarks on his selfless mission of service to the nation caught in the stranglehold of vested interests, his path is virtually strewn by boulders thrown at him by his wilful opponents, bent on demolishing his dream. Corruption is an obsolute evil…but the PM is not cowed down by the viciousness of cheats and scoundrels! He isn’t the kind to give up on his one-point agenda – to save the nation from the corrupt and give it back to the people to whom it rightfully belongs. This is a battle in which the enemy won’t hesitate to kill to win. But the PM has a great weapon in his armoury – Information Technology. However, is IT strong and foolproof enough to win the battle? Technologist and author Ganapathy Ayyappan takes you on an exciting but chilling journey…fasten your seat belts for the turbulent ride.

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