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DO: The Fourth Musketeer of Lust, Love, and Life


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Once upon a time, in a faraway land, where kingdoms are abound with mystical elements, there lived a prince who was about to begin the journey of his lifetime—a journey in search of the simple Truth.

Young Do, the son of a brave soldier-turned-king, embarks in search of IP, the magical Inverse Prism which would make diverse ones one. Having been aimless for much of life, battling addiction and struggling with his forgetful nature, he believes that discovering IP will not just solve his problems, but also bring into existence an ‘ideal society’.

Aided by his best friends, The Three Musketeers, as well as the love of his life, The Rainbow Woman, Do becomes the Fourth Musketeer in this ultimate journey, a journey he deems to be the purpose of his life. The more he sees people convincing themselves of the ‘untruths’, the more determined he becomes in his search. However, the cost of seeking simplicity seems to be complexity.

Where will this path lead Do? From a prince to a musketeer, what more is in store for him?

‘DO’ is a philosophical fairytale trying to find the best through the worst and making the magical ideal the possible real.

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