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Shaman in the City


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What can be wrong with a brilliant automobile engineer living in London, on the verge of his project breakthrough?

For Vivaan, life surely has other plans. When a family emergency forces him to visit back to India, he must face his own past, riddled with guilt. Though, that guilt is not the only secret he carries like a burden. Vivaan is also blessed with the power to foretell the future and sense the past – of any object or person by merely a touch.

Vivaan makes some interesting friends on his trip to India, leaving his special project in the trust of his friend and colleague – Mahira.

Soon, he will learn, that an ominous past is chasing him and a strangely familiar face of a woman in his visions is pointing him towards something – that would throw open heinous secrets of life & death, and liberate Vivaan from his past.

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