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Blood & Bombay Black: Back in the Saddle


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Alex Crossman is back in the saddle in this fast-paced thriller that delves deep into the world of motorcycle clubs, brotherhood, and betrayal.

After the Iron Horses slipped through the NCB’s fingers in Blood & Brown Sugar, Sandeep Bohla has a serious axe to grind with the club and its members. While under immense pressure from his superiors, he launches a rogue operation to end their drug trade in India permanently. The Fallen Angels, also bent on revenge, have implemented a plan to infiltrate the Horses using a sultry fem fatale and crumble them from within. A new club in Mumbai, looking to carve out a piece of the Horses’ hashish trade, is also unwittingly drawn into the tempest igniting the powder keg and exposing a rat at the Horses’ table. Can the Iron Horses weather the storm or is the final curtain being drawn on the club forever?

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5.5" x 8.5"


500 Grams



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