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Birth of Kings


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BIRTH OF KINGS is a modern-day retelling of the dramatic events that unfold in the first part of the Mahabharata – the ancient Sanskrit text that is regarded as a historical account of the foundation of Hinduism and a code of ethics for those that follow the religion. This version aims to tell the story in a manner that engages a contemporary audience with dramatic tension and fascinating plots. The reader is taken on a thrilling journey to understand the roles that characters play in building towards the climax, focusing not only on key individuals but also others whose roles are significant but often overlooked. The text is written in a traditional epic manner which immerses the reader into the plot, leaving nothing amiss whilst adding great suspense.

The primary narrative follows two sets of cousins, the Kauravas and the Pāṇḍavas, who vie with each other for the Kingdom. Multiple subplots weave throughout the epic, as the characters are brought to life and begin to pursue their motives, with the importance of family and loyalty a major theme. The loyalties of many characters become sewn into the fabric of the plot as the narrative develops in a fascinating manner . Characters are brought to life and seeds are sown that eventually grow to have a great impact on future events. Tension builds throughout the epic as allegiances are forged, often in heart-breaking circumstances, laid bare for the reader to understand and become immersed in the tale.

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