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21/09- Beginning of Love in Kota


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Shivank Faujdar

Shivank Faujdar is a full of stories, many fictional and many lived


The book is about the story of Randhir. A simple, young boy trying to achieve his dreams on the land where lakhs of people come every year to try their destiny… Kota, Rajasthan. On the way, he falls in love with Sahiba; but, is love so easy to accomplish? Is it even love, if there is no chaos? Is it love if you do not push yourself way out of your character to get it?

Randhir’s life breaks the routine of his back-and-forth movement from coaching to PG and PG to coaching with twists & turns, and he lives the moments he did not dream of. In the process, friendships are tested, there is family pressure to be handled, and love to be defined.

Randhir, in love with Sahiba, tries to do everything he can – be it putting his career at risk, getting into a fight, trying to find a doctor for an abortion, (yes, someone gets pregnant as well), and trying to befriend somebody just to get close to someone. Meeting new people on the way who eventually become important, he seems to complete the circle of life by narrating his story to a young boy.

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