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Time in Love


Time in Love


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17 years old Jenna Oswald is deeply in love with Allen Carmen. With dark clouds of sadness hovering over him, Jenna is determined to unravel the darkest secrets of his past -- only she would have to lose him to save him from losing himself. A pure soul, Jenna Oswald lived her life for the ones she loved. She believed her world to be complete until Allen Carmen arrived into her life. Allen is a debonair young fellow with as bright a soul as Jenna. When they first meet, they feel a sudden attraction towards one another; only then they didn't know not only their hearts but forces of nature were behind their union. But something is off about his aura and with time darkness is gulping him. For Jenna freeing him from the chains of self-loathing is everything, even if it means losing him. Her only support is the psychic powers of Aunt Mary who can sense of what is coming. At the astounding revelation of Jenna and Allen’s soul link since childhood, she is desperate to save her soul -- as well as Allen’s. If she fails in her attempts Allen will be lost in depthless darkness of self repugnance and so will her heart. Will she have courage to make the right choice when the time comes?

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