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Happily Married


Happily Married


Why do some couples give up their dreams of marrying each other and go through life being nostalgic about their beautiful courtship days? Why does that intensity in love and oneness during courtship limp after marriage? Happily Married is the struggle of a lover to marry the love of his life, the voice of a husband sharing his experiences after marriage and a joy of a father watching his love divided between his wife and daughter. ……“I, Chetan Dalvi, indemnify to keep your daughter ‘Soni’ safe, happy and content forever after our marriage….I hereby legally confirm that you will be always free to take any action against me, if I fail to obey my duty as husband of your daughter… I also undertake that I don’t want anything from you at ‘any point of time’ which denotes my life term, except the hand in marriage of your daughter Soni.”

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