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Being requested by his colleagues, Ranjan accepted the farewell as it was his childhood dream receiving it akin to that of his great grandfather and maternal grandfather. His colleagues were recalling sweet memories of his long service, which Ranjan continued even after the farewell ended. Ranjan recalled the most significant incidents missing many trifles as he had no written diary. Ranjan attempts to know the different characters and their chase after worldly achievements from a name and status in society to a power struggle, which still leaves them unsatisfied and thirsting for more. The physical and mental stress of most people, feels Ranjan is mainly due to this permanent thirst of not ‘really knowing’ either oneself or others! According to Hinduism, seeking God is knowing who he is as ‘He’ is within us. Contentment and eternal bliss come only by knowing that I am that “Infinity.” Ranjan continues his search.

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