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The Crossroads


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Sudipta Mukherjee

I am a passionate writer who desires to endure in the minds of her readers. I am a voracious reader and a lover of good music. Interactions with people amuse me, as much as my own company does. Stories are my gate away to a different world, where I can stay for days together. It’s a private world that I…


The Crossroads is a story of Aparajita Basu, a girl from a humble household of Kolkata, who tears away from her family to settle her roots in America, with her childhood friend, Aniruddha. To Aparajita, he is everything she ever wanted.

Love dwindles slowly. Fate turns in a blink.

Dishearten, she returns, not to her hometown but to a different city, where she finds herself a stranger. Haunted by her disturbed thoughts, obsessed by that one name, she finds no escape… until she discovers herself standing on a new crossroads.

An ordinary girl, who loses herself to love.
A lover, who turns out to be a betrayer.
A friendship born on a stormy night.
Wisdom bred out of miseries.
A homecoming that completes one full cycle.

Three Cities… Two Friends… One Girl… One Story.

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