When the Sun Breaks Free

By Suravi Ray

““Because we were there when darkness smothered us…

And we will be there when the sun­ breaks free!”

Reeza and Zain, two teenagers from different corners of the globe with similar spirit, were fated to meet in Kolkata, the haven of ironies. Twists and turns of circumstances test them throughout, but is their individuality and love strong enough to survive amidst corruption, filth, and injustice?

This is the journey of two people from mere teenagers to guardians of truth, courage and change amidst the constant rage and sorrows of reality in the state as they seek what every human needs, hope during devastation.”

Suravi Ray
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"Suravi, with only 17 years of experience in this vast world, likes to perceive the world differently. She is a 12th standard student in Good Shepherd International School, Ooty. She is a talented athlete and marathon runner and enjoys all forms of sports. She is extremely passionate about dance, electronic music, art, and writing. She is a girl in love with life and writing reveals her true self. When her soul is tired and weary, she is a person who turns to nature to give her the strength to go on. She is a girl who is most frequently seen running and when asked why, she replies with a brisk, “To think.” “Her verses are mature far beyond her age. And she writes with a passion and sensitivity, which is rare for a teenager. Kolkata girl Suravi Ray has already published two books of poems and intends to write more…” THE TIMES OF INDIA, KOLKATA Monday, January 28, 2013. Suravi published her first book of poems at the age of 13 and her books include Phases and Anonymous. This is her debut novel. "