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Terror Spa


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A. J. Job Xavier

A student of literature, passionate about writing, musician and singer, a regular blogger in HR forums.


Terror Spa- A Novel The Intelligence world is baffled by a series of blasts involving sweets—- and by sheer chance manages to get some leads that take Nishit and a friendly Police officer from South Sudan, to a chase all across Africa. Kathy a German girl, on a visit to Bangalore, gets into a deep relationship with Raghu who keeps her in a continuous state of excitement with his magic drugs and sex and when she leaves, develops a never felt longing for her. Meanwhile Donald, an American, has been experimenting with a school in Delhi which trains the future workforce for the world. A number of parallel developments and plans made in different parts of the world combine to unite at Varanasi where the European Mafia has plans for major destruction

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5.5" x 8.5"


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