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Sarthak is a doctor in a soon-to-be busy hospital where doctors find time to narrate their unique experiences to each other sipping cups of sickeningly sweet coffee. The hospital houses hopes, prayers and disillusionments. Days roll over, punctuated by funny incidents and cases, few of these tragic. Till the day everything changes… Medical ethics and greed embattle and embrace in the uniquely grey backdrop of the hospital. Is it time for friends to turn foes? What happens when doctors use their knowledge of medicine for purposes other than treatment alone? Is greed all conquering, or do the human spirit and mind stand a chance as they seek to gain command over the frail and sick body, which they once commanded? This book traces the journey of the ever changing view point, as a doctor traces this memories from viewing patients – from a fellow human’s point of view, through that of a doctor’s, then finally to end with their own helpless point of view. This book is also the journey of our opinions and conscience as the environment and circumstances shape, refine, define or trash them

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