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Within the corridors of India’s top medical institutes, each step can become a matter of life or death. Kabir, Naina, Tarachand and Chaaya forge life long friendships as they strive to grow as doctors. Ward-boy Raana springs upon the scene, tearing at the fabrc of their lives and entangling them into a web of sleaze, deceit and crime. When Naina and Chaaya boldly stand up for the dignityh of their patients, Kabir and Tarachand support them. They face apathetic hospital authorities and double-dealing police officeals. When Raana is dismissed, they feel some respite from his threats, but the relief turns out to be temporary. Completing their courses, the four young doctors part ways. Tragedy unexpectedly brings Nainna and Tarachand together again. Ghosts from the past emerge, intent upon ruining their lives. Can they come to terms with fate and their inner demons to find peace and happiness ?

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