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Students from different cities and culture join the class of Medical College to become doctors. Their life took a big step in the process to become the ‘doctors’. The story is about seven friends who never expected the life to be so difficult in the college and find their life turned upside down after entry into the college.  The course and the studies never allowed them to think of anything other than the books.

Rishi – a studious boy who always wanted to top the class.

Rohan – a fun loving guy who wanted to party and enjoyment and just gave up from the tight schedule of the college.

Preeti – a bright girl who fell in love with a senior during the second year.

Anvika – The most beautiful girl of the class who suffers a broken love affair in the college.

Dive into the medical life of the students and experience the thrill they go through each and every day striving to become ‘doctors’.

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