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Rage in the Jungle, Raj on the Street


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‘Rage in the Jungle, Raj on the StreetÍ, is a story that captures the essence of a group of people caught in a strange predicament. Political activist Neema unwittingly puts her family ? a widowed mother, old husband, a little daughter – in jeopardy, while pursuing Buddha, the encounter specialist, for his false encounters. Buddha, with his dogmatic belief in an extreme definition of patriotism, was tempted to stage false encounters on a terrorist couple. Chased by his pursuers, he finds himself in an awkward place, which he must have not dreamed of in the wildest of his dreams. Sambhu, an absconded bonded labour-turned Maoist was in NeemaÍs company, knowing precious little of how fast his criminal past would catch up with him. Or that he would again meet the same terrorist-cum arms peddler, from whom he had purchased the AK47s, in exchange for hashish, cultivated to fund Maoist activities. What fate awaits Sambhu, Neema, her husband Dr. London and Buddha?   Will justice prevail?

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