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Project S.A.I.


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Srinivasa Gopal

Gosri (66) A self-anointed pseudonym. “For heaven sake, please don’t ask him ‘Why this?’ unless you’re ready for a harangue for the next five minutes about the conditions that determined the name. “Ask him which came first? The chicken or the egg. And get ready to face an onslaught about proto egg and proto chicken. “Ask him anything and every…


Sarangan & Lakshman are two brothers, who come from the same pilgrim town in rural Tamil Nadu but who live completely different lives. While Sarangan and his family are content to remain in their hometown, Lakshman raises his sons in the bustling metropolitan city of Chennai. Tragedy strikes when the two families come together for their annual pilgrimage. Now it’s a race between Lakshman’s son, Ananth, and the police, to prove whether or not their deaths were really caused by an ccident.’Project S.A.I.’ is the story of two young men overcoming their own personal grief, to help others discover the truth behind the supernatural troubles plaguing them. And all this with the help of a device, whose existence most people would deem impossible – a device that allows a person to have conversations with those who no longer belong to the realm of the living.

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