Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
Weight: 206 g
No. of pages: 179

Heaven and Hell Alliance: all rules go loose


Heaven and Hell Alliance: all rules go loose


It is said that every time humanity falls, god comes to the rescue and shows us the path of love. But this time, he decided to show that through the love story of a fallen angel and a demon! Sam and Yash, the demon and the fallen angel, accidentally fall in love with each other on earth. The problem is that neither of them knows each other's identity! The novel thrills the readers at every moment with their unique love story. As angels and demons are enemies by nature, would they fight each other? Why did Yash run away from heaven? How could Sam escape hell? Would their alliance solve all of her troubles in heaven? Come read their epic and take in the elixir of love...

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