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AD 1647, RAJASTHAN One of the most beautiful summer retreats is built by Maharaja Raghuveer for his Queen in the pristine Aravali hills in Rajasthan. But the Royal Sage and Astrologer discovers an evil presence lurking in the House. It is waiting for somethingƒ.some mysterious power to descend. After finding the evil intentions of this ‘being’, the Sage advices the king not to occupy the House.The result: the House is promptly abandoned by the King.PRESENT DAY After nearly four hundred years, the evil is still waiting for the mysterious power to descend. Only this time, it has a new, deadlier face: a cult called Ghoras who worship the demon Ghorathighora. Now the power descends into the hands of Mukund Matondkar. Will he understand the extraordinary powers lurking behind the power? Is it a quirk of fate or is it preordained that he meets two extraordinary humans: Arunav Khandelwal, a wealthy hotelier and psychic and Vani Vaidyanathan, a physicist ? The trio must understand the powers of the Mystical Object called the Force and protect it. Can they fight against the might of the Ghoras and the Underworld elements? And what is that mystical portal that passes right through Raja Raghuveer’s House that lies abandoned now for more than three fifty years? Will the Ghoras succeed in making that one final human sacrifice to appease their demon god- a sacrifice which will make them almost immortal? But something totally unexpected unfolds in that ancient Courtyard of the House of Raja Raghuveerƒ..

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