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Sri Bhagvad Gita Prashna Manjiri


Sri Bhagvad Gita Prashna Manjiri


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There’s an Arjuna in every human being who asks questions and needs guidance. Sri Bhagavad Gita Prashna Manjiri addresses the Arjun in us and makes teachings of the Gita relevant in the present world. It’s ritten in a very simple, lucid and reader-friendly style without compromising the depth of its religious, philosophical and cultural meaning. Sri Bhagavad Gita Prashna Manjiri.  Straightforward and easy-to-grasp answers to 243 Questions on Gita.  18 chapters of the Gita in a dialogue form.  Introduction and synopsis to each chapter.  Original Sanskrit titles of the chapters retained. English translations The original Sanskrit text of the entire Bhagawadgita in Roman English for ready reference. Immensely beneficial to those with a little or no knowledge of Sanskrit and of the contents of the Bhagawadgita! Much deeper understanding of the Gita to those who have read the Bhagawadgita through conceptual exposition. The book is indeed a much needed contribution to the study and understanding of the great scripture of the world.

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