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Love and Beyond


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Siddharth Sharma

An Engineer, A Teacher, A speaker and obviously An Author. Whatever is the question, Love is always the answer.


“Raj falls in love with the beautiful Aryahi on the very first day of his engineering college, even before attending the first lecture. But Aryahi is more than just a beautiful girl! Even though, she is friendly with everyone, it is clear she is not being herself. Something unimaginable has happened with her and Raj sees it in her lifeless eyes, even when her lips smile. Raj is determined to find out her story and heal her forever…

Love and Beyond is a story which highlights the beautiful and the innocent feeling called ‘love’. It also challenges the stereotypical definition of love and extends it beyond. The author also tries to display the lovely relationship which guys share as best friends and also the strong bond which kids share with their mothers.

Author’s Note : Tired of all the fairy tale love stories which ultimately make the readers sad about their own love or lack of it and give them a feeling of low self esteem, I decided to write a story which is more relatable. The situations and the characterisation are such that you will always feel connected to the story. While listening to Raj’s story you will feel his emotions and at the same time think about your loved ones and feel happy. The only motive of writing this book is to spread love, beyond the boundaries. “

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