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Arindam And The Kalyug Debacle Premonition


Arindam And The Kalyug Debacle Premonition


Arindam, the charming but diffident lad who has always played second fiddle, finds himself in a mysterious world embroiled in a power-linked mission to save 'the third world', 'the real world' and 'the land of the unknown'. If evil wins in the third world, it will spell destruction for earth, 'the real world,' as the two worlds are interlinked. It will cause jeopardy to the 'land of the unknown', said to be the seat of the Great Lords... Having a gargantuan creature as his only patron, will Arindam succeed in redeeming the earth by discovering the brewing conspiracies in the unfathomable third world and annihilate the forces of evil lurking there? Arindam and the Kalyug Debacle Premonition is a breathtaking, roller-coaster adventure to unravel the puzzles and find the answers to these crucial questions. The author in his debut novel uses Indian mythology in a subtle yet powerful manner, creating characters of legend and fantasy, who inhabit the unknown world. Replete with amazing mysteries, twists and turns, this wonderful adventure is a page-turner that children will find difficult to put down and making adults turn their clocks back to retrograde, bringing out the child in them.
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