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If I Could Turn Back Time


If I Could Turn Back Time


Have you ever felt like running away from past? Do you feel that at times, having a good memory can be a curse? Have you ever wanted to go back in time to change something ….. anything in your life? Do you wish you could take back words that had come out of your mouth? How do you prepare yourself to meet the people who you’ve hurt ….and who you’ve loved in the past? Do you wish that you could get another chance to explain yourself? Do you live with the guilt of doing things that you aren’t too proud of anymore? Were you too a dreamer in your younger days until realities called “growing up” and “life” came and slapped you? Have you ever wished that life came with an “undo” option? How often have you managed to beat your conscience? Do you feel that the consequences of your actions are harder than you deserve? Aarav Bannerjee feels all of the above, which is why he is extremely hesitant to go for his college reunion, but after much cajoling from his best friend Vismay, he finally decides to “face his past” and confront the very same people who he had been running away from….. the very people who he had been once upon a time called his “friends.” At the reunion, however, he discovers that he is not the only one who has come to face his demons. While some of them have their joys to share, others have their own battles to win…. But this wasn’t how Aarav had imagined things would end up being, especially when he had begun his “college life.” Fresh out of a boy’s school, the opportunity to experience freedom, fun and the prospect of having pretty women around him had captured his imagination and, therefore, he just couldn’t wait to get into college. Alas……… Join Aarav and his friends at their college reunion, as they re-live all that had happened during their undergraduate days ….and deal with all that is going on currently in their lives. Can they all make it? Or again, will they run away? Find out in “If I could turn back time.”

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