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Where the Piopios Sing


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Hornbill Harcel

Masterfully blending genres like Chalk and Cheese, Hornbill Harcel crafts narratives that defy convention and captivates readers.


“Tragedy of heart, tranquility of soul.”

Where the Piopios Sing is an immersive collection of poems and excerpts from wayward letters and diaries that paints a canvas questioning what is loss – lost love, lost friendships, lost childhood, lost home, lost justice, lost wars, lost freedom, lost innocence, lost aspirations, lost identity, etc. The expressive prose and verses of the book frame the answer to the posed question in the feelings of bittersweet blues. The poetries invoke the imagery of slipping through the grasp of time and take the readers through the landscape of yearning and introspection, stripping the hearts vulnerable and longing for solace.

In this limited frame of reality that will one day cease and perish, the book jumps into an ocean to search for the meaning of life enshrouded in the colors of loss.

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