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Every one dreams. Dreams are an integral part of our lives… without which we would cease to be human. Lives are composed of ‘happenings and circumstances’ that sometimes exhilarate us while at other times leave us with a sense of despondency which seems to overwhelm us. “Musings” is a collection of written feelings and introspection on life.. and indelible scars which occasionally unhappiness can leave behind. Be it the loneliness of the single working woman, the coldness of urban life, a girl’s desire to continue school; the agony of a forsaken bride or the heartbroken lover.. are revealed as a common thread of discontent and distress which are expressed through this collection of poems. They are situations which are not hard to find… in our lives. They appear to be like unheard voices.. that we sometimes ignore. The poet has tried to render a voice to those unexpressed sentiments which all readers may have felt in their lives… They say melancholy spurs creativity.. to dilute it would be to be insincere, the author believes; poetry being the language of the soul.

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