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Gautam Mayekar

A lazy Goan, Hacker, Cyber Security Enthusiast, Writer, Public Speaker, Travel addict, Storyteller, and a Dreamer.


Rudra, an ethical hacker, Lily, a cyber-crime lawyer and Mohseen, a journalist, are all by night a part of ICD – Indian Cyber Defence, an underground hacking forum that defaces Pakistani Government websites and spreads viruses to attack them.

@shok, introducing himself as a RAW agent, joins the forum, and makes an irresistible offer – crack the puzzle of Chakravyuh to get a chance to do something truly worthwhile to serve the nation.

Cracking various stages of Chakravyuh, they are led deeper and deeper – into now developing cyber-weapons for a great war. Fighting their personal demons, dealing with confusion & rebellion within the group, they race against time to hack their next target – CRAWL, a secret division of RAW itself. But what could be the motive?

Who is @shok really? What is he leading them into? Are they really serving the nation or is there something more sinister going on?

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