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Unraping a mirage is a poignant sketch of abiding affection, fortitude and echoes. It is a sagacious rumination and questioning of the designation of some wounds. The narrative begins with a couple of vividly woven events in a pan-Indian, middle-class home. Lata is the quintessential, indomitable young woman who endures severe emotional gashes perpetrated by her siblings. Kunal and Latika are the less-than-ideal duo, who don’t seem to get enough of hurting their younger sibling. Through the profound mental struggles and a windy home setting, the protagonist remains close to her father throughout the novel.

Her yearning for a life beyond the cold state of affairs at her place makes her meet Rajat, a side-character who is catalytic in underlining the clarity of her mind to the reader.

Later in the book she meets a person, Salil, who assumes an imperative place in her life. Scenes that describe her sharing mental conflicts with him almost wordlessly highlight their extraordinary bonding.

The narrative includes extracts of a tensed-up home environment, comical exchanges with the side-characters and her sensitive moments with two imperative people- her father and her partner.
The book culminates with the protagonist emerging tougher from the bleak shadow of her past, breaking the shackles in a mirage-like mind.

A hearty recital for anyone in quest of undoing the haunts of a wounded past..

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