Nidra Naik

Animal lover, humanity endorser, writer and future film-maker.

Sun Sign


Three things people don’t know about you?

I would like it to be unknown

What’s your greatest fear?


What is your greatest achievement?

Being an author

High point of your life?

Getting my first book published

Low point of your life

When I was left directionless after my MBA.

Which living person do you most admire?

Shri Narendra Modi

Who is your favorite fictional hero?

Batman, the superhero who is self-made

Who is your favorite fictional villain?


Who are your favorite authors?

Jhumpa Lahiri and Khaleed Hosseini

What are your 5 favorite books of all time?

Namesake, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Love Story, The Hungry Tide, Flowers on the Path, Unaccustomed Earth (6 books)

Is there a book you love to reread?

The Bestseller

What are your 5 favorite movies of all time?

DDLJ, X-Men Series, Dil Chahta Hai, Harry Potter Series, The Great Gatsby

One Superpower you wish you had?

Control other’s minds (Prof X)

Your epitaph would read? /Last line in your biography would be?

I am not done yet!

If you had a time machine to take you back to any country and any time period, where would you choose to be for your childhood, adolosent , adult life and silver years?

Childhood: 1990s, same place and my childhood days in Cuttack, Odisha, Adolescent: In 1820s, England, classmate to Charles Dickens, Adult Life: In 2001, Netherlands, University of Maastricht, Silver Years: In 1990s, Cuttack-Bhubaneswar (Family) (No smartphones, no selfies)

If you could acquire any talent, what would it be?


Which book you wish you had written ?


When and where do you write ?

Time differs but place remains the same… under the same sky!

Silence or music?

A bit of both

One phrase that you use most often?

Thank you God!

Do you have a writing ritual / superstition?

Yes I do.

What’s your guilty reading pleasure?

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Do you have one sentence of advice for new writers?

Just believe in yourself!

Nidra Naik was born and brought up under the sunny sky of Odisha and with the blessings of Lord Jagannath! To her inherent credit, she was surrounded by highly creative parents, aunts and uncles. After completing her MBA from Institute for Integrated Learning in Management (IILM), New Delhi, she got somewhat lost and perplexed in the downstream. Returning to a job to her homeland, made her introspect about her state of being! She met the man of her life and began to spin in creative writing which was lost in the juggling of her studies and career earlier. The Bhubaneswar Times is her first romantic fiction and she also writes for her blog (

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