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The Bhubaneswar Times


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Nidra Naik

Writer, singer, poet, nature enthusiast, animal caregiver, go-green driver and a corporate buff


The Bigger the placeƒ the cooler it is! Smaller placesƒhmmm not at all my type! Still smallƒdon’t even mention itƒaw!The story revolves around the character of a girl who is quite unpredictable, adamant and has pre-conceived notions about big and small cities and also about people of those cities. She usually makes her own choices but there is no choice made when it comes to one’s fate! Destiny sometimes plays the role of an eye-opener and this time in the form of a man in her life who’s calm, yet headstrong. When destiny brings them together, there is a wind of change in the life of the girl! Welcome to the change of choicesƒwelcome to ïThe Bhubaneswar Times.’

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