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Nitya Pandit

Make-up addict, full-time romantic, a food enthusiast, soon-to-be fashion blogger


“The formation of a rainbow was rare, and the occurrence of someone life Anshi was rare too. The only difference now was that the rainbow of my life wasn’t rare. It was extinct.” While some friendships are made and forgotten, the ones that last are the ones that are loyally maintained over the years. This is a true account of Nitya (the author) and Anshi’s friendship; they share a unique bond that has grown deep and old with them. Their companionship started ever since their childhood and lasted for years… Nitya is panic-struck when she finds out that Anshi’s leaving town…maybe forever… She is unable to come to terms with the eventuality. Over many years after Anshi’s departure, the never-ending friendship seems to silently fade. However, one miraculous day, a social networking site helps Nitya find and reunite with Anshi. Will their friendship revive and reach the intimacy it had achieved in the past?

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5.5" x 8"


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