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And Thus she changed


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Ruchika Yadav

Author, mother, Sales enthusiast, Eye care professional, travel freak.


A story about a young lady —smart, classy, modern, extrovert, ambitious and gorgeous, at the peak of her career. Her perfectionist and diligent attitude successfully earns her awards in her career, slowly pushing her towards bigger responsibilities. With a positive attitude, and a lot of perseverance, she looks forward to more successes, while balancing a life of contentment with her beloved husband and her adorable infant son. That is, till her life suddenly becomes complicated and her dream world begins to crumble in front of her very eyes.

She struggles to hold on to all that she is accustomed to, and familiar with, but soon realizes, much to her chagrin, that perhaps that is not to be. Life may not always be a bed of roses after all… A tale of letting go, of acceptance and growth; of making the most of what is available, and picking up the pieces to re-build and regenerate; of achieving once again what is lost, but in a different way, to excel… and learning to be at peace…with oneself and the world.

“And Thus She Changed…”

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