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Pratima Kapur

An Author and an artist and grandmother to two beautiful girls. I have a thirst for knowledge - so find a guru in every person, child, animal and even a ‘Aha’ moment! I love books, travelling, cooking and entertaining and animals, especially dogs.


Sunaina is in her late fifties. Her husband, Karan has just retired from the army after a long and illustrious career. After decades of moving between cities, towns and one horse towns on posting, during his service, they have finally settled in their home in Poona; where Sunaina and her childhood friends rediscover each other. Unfortunately, their plans to grow old together peacefully is rudely shattered by a violent tragedy. Tapestry is a story about four women in modern India. Women who were fortunate to have lived life on their terms, with the freedom to make choices for themselves – Good, bad or indifferent!

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5.5" x 8.5"


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