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Timeless Time


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Susheel Kumar Batra

Reading and writing is my hobby.


A bit self-conscious Sanjeev Kapoor a.k.a Sanju baba, goes through all the bittersweet experiences of growing up – fearful respect towards his father, love & affection from mom and sisters, bullying and friendships in school, and initial forays into the world of sensuality.

In his university days, he starts loving and later growing in love, his sister’s friend’s sister.

While his academic pursuit develops a keen interest towards science in him, and his love of literature from his younger years remains his constant companion, his life journey gives him a philosophical perspective.

In this semi-autobiographical fiction novel, Sanju baba narrates his life, with its mix of good, bad, and ugly experiences and encounters, leaving his readers with a promise to return with more.

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5'' x 8''


250 Grams



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