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The Rise of Kaalchakra: The Kaalchakra Chronicles, Book One – Resurgence


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Pratik Vivek Bhamre

Pratik Bhamre, a visionary wordsmith weaving realms of science fiction and fantasy with pen and imagination.


In the dawn of Kaliyuga, the world edges toward its twilight, perched on the brink of oblivion. After ages of silent stillness, ancient forces, veiled beyond the universe’s grasp, stir awake. Humanity’s insatiable thirst for knowledge unravels the universe’s gaping mysteries, setting free both the forces of illumination and the lurking shadows of malevolence. Dr. Siddhant, a devoted scientist, is on a mission to unveil the universe’s creation and affirm the existence of a God. Little does he know that emergence of every virtuous force is creates an equal measure of malevolence, an unyielding law of the universe. Guided by the enigmatic duality of angelic grace and demonic temptation embodied in Indra, Siddhant strides forward, oblivious to the cosmic equilibrium he’s tipping. Amidst the impending disaster, a timeless power emerges as the potential savior, sought by both the forces of darkness and divinity. As the dark powers ascend, so too will the benevolent gods prevail. The key lies in the mysterious depths of the ‘Kaalchakra,’ a mystical whirlpool of dark forces. The unfolding quest becomes a race against time as the world’s destiny hangs delicately in the balance. Get ready to embark on this gripping journey of Sci-Fi and fantasy fiction where Dr Siddhant and Indra will unravel deepest mysteries of universe which will ultimately lead to “The Rise of Kaalchakra”.


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