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The Secret Mantra


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Chaitra KR

My life is filled with experiences, interesting places and people who have come and gone and have impacted me in various ways. My childhood was in Amazing India where I grew up adapting to the rich Indian culture, value systems and way of life which I carried with me when I settled in America with my husband and kids. Since…


“For the love of reading, writing and sheer appreciation for the craft of creative expression, a mother and her teenage son collaborated to unleash the Secret Mantra. Chaitra and her teenage son Sunjay are avid readers and enjoy em¬barking upon fun-filled imaginative journeys of the mind inside the core of fantasy books and stories. They found a purpose to collaborate together with ideas of Indian mythology, interwoven with an imaginative story enjoy¬ing the experience together in creating the Secret Mantra. There is an age-old adage saying that: There comes a point in time when the avid book reader would become a writer and create a world of fantasy, build characters and test their endurance in a fulfilled mental escape into a super¬natural adventure of the legends.

We hope you enjoy the journey with us!

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