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Jaydeep Banerjee

I’m deliciously amoral and agnostic and live by and reiterate a favourite quote “Leave no answer unquestioned.” I understand the pangs of growing up in this messed up world and write blogs and offer encouragement by simplifying the process of thinking. Serving you is a tribute to simplistic thinking, eternal love, and creativity


Johnny has paradoxical views on life, has a mysterious persona, and often wears eccentric masks. How do these views influence an ordinary boy towards an extraordinary business—A restaurant serving human meat? And yet this book is not about business. But about a boy’s journey from adolescence to maturity. A tale of breaking shackles and living it up. Serving You is a poignant reminder of the simplicity of life and the freedom from self doubts. It is a tale of true love, true conviction and an extraordinary tale of triumph. A boy’s journey into manhood, love, business and maturity. A journey from foolishness to eternal wisdom

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