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Told in the first person, this honest, deeply moving and searingly self-critical account of the life of first generation Pakistani migrants in England is imbedded in the kaleidoscopic memories of a generation haunted by the tragic events of history. Burdened by their own secrets, it is the tale of a family in pursuit of hope and happiness in a new world. The narrative lays bare the heart of family life and the cosmos of first generation migrants, as they struggle to find a toehold in an utterly foreign country.

Plucked from the warmth of Rawalpindi, transported to a cold foggy London winter, surround by the invisible barriers created by her culture, Salmi’s life becomes confined to the four walls of her family’s two-bed flat in Stockwell. While Abbu and Ammi wish their children to succeed in Western society, they also strive to maintain the heritage and religion they cherish. Enthralled by the allure of the world that lies beyond her family home, Salmi is required to navigate the slippery path between the strict traditions she has inherited and the baffling modern life she encounters every day as she grows up.

Battling the yearnings of her family ‘in exile’ as well as her own emotional confusion, Salmi gradually transcends the strict traditions she has inherited. Today, she knows she has triumphed against all odds…but at what cost?

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