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Save Me, Frogmore


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“The essence of fear, its approaching arms can be seen only through the mind that beholds.” Fear is something that never changes. It is always there and sometimes, it is too late before we realise its presence. It is a period of war and the small towns are hit the hardest when a large number of the inhabitants are shipped away to the front lines. As a result, very few people are left behind to fill in the posts of constables and inspectors. Crime is on the rise with the crashing economy and amidst all the chaos, the children in the towns go missing. They simply vanish. The entire police force is brought to its attention.A newly promoted inspector, Edward Goodsworth is appointed for the case. Goodsworth is sincere and dedicated. But every man has his own mistakes, his own dark past. And sometimes, they never leave.The situation becomes desperate when a wrong suspect is arrested and killed. The children start disappearing at an increasing rate and even the parents are not left unharmed. A haze of panic emerges as the police forces turn on one another and the talk of curses and ghosts cause madness in the towns. Against time, the mistakes start approaching Goodsworth, crawling, hobbling and chuckling. This time, they have a face.

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5.5" x 8.5"


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