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The Golden Warrior


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Naveen Rajaka

Author, YouTuber, Reader, Thinker,


An evil supernatural entity has returned after 300 years to fulfil his insidious intention. He wants to achieve something that no one has – immortality. He captures 300 innocent children to offer them for sacrifice to complete the ritual.

Asmi, one of the kidnapped children, has a little brother who takes it upon himself to save the only family he has. Erish, merely 8 years old and specially-abled with a twisted arm, embarks on a long and perilous journey to reach the Golden Warrior, the only one who has the power to vanquish the evil.

With only a fortnight’s time to find this Warrior “born out of flames” and innumerable challenges to pass through in the journey, Erish realises he only has his iron will to bank on. From fighting a man-eating humanoid to having to resist electric shocks, will he overcome all the hurdles and pain in his way to save his sister

And there is price to be paid to use the powers of the Golden Warrior, a price that could cost him his own life. Will he be able to make the sacrifice?

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