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The Diwali Party


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Leena Saldanha

Author, poet, reluctant entrepreneur, speaker, brand strategist, mom, cat lover, dog lover, coffee person, communications specialist.


It all started with one photograph. They all looked so young and thin. And they wanted to rewind the clock to once again become the people they had been in that photo. It might have been about losing weight, to start off with, but the journey quickly became about finding themselves.
Set in 2016 in the bustling city of Pune, The Diwali Party is a story of 4 women in their mid-thirties. Rekha Jaisingh, the beautiful, polite wife of a leading business tycoon. Maya Wagh, daughter of a wise woman, granddaughter of two legendary grandmothers, wife of a builder, concocter of magic. Tilly, a force of nature and chosen mother of a four-year-old dynamo. Zoya Quettawala, the woman with the personality of a Field Marshal, and the life of a Princess. They are the best of friends. Have been, ever since they were kids. And life is going very well indeed until a chance encounter with a voice from their shared past sets them off on a journey where they could lose much more than the weight they have gained.
This is a story of friends, family and other pieces of broken light…
It is a story for everyone who knows that you can break light, but you can’t stop it from shining.

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5'' x 8''


290 Grams



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