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The Altar of Miracle


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Robertti Gamarra Acosta

Creative writer who mixes real stories with fiction.


It was dawn when three shots were heard inside The Altar of Miracle; Master Diosnel’s office, and the crowd that lined up to enter to see him feared the worst. Has the Master been shot at? Has he taken his life? In a flash, the miraculous reality of Master Diosnel is attacked by his past, which will change Casilda’s life forever. What has he done for his past to follow him till here? Why were so many people chasing him? Although Diosnel suffered the brunt of the dictatorship in Paraguay as a child, the misfortune of belonging to a family marked by the tyranny of Serafina – his mother, what he always wanted was to protect Casilda, who was the woman of his life. She was also Tony’s sister, his worst enemy of all. And now they all meet again: people and their hatred, spite and fatality lead us to understand the difficulty of forgetting or escaping the past, how fragile dreams are when bad intentions insist on taking revenge, no matter how far you are willing to run.

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5.5" x 8.5"


600 Grams



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