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Panajpur Express


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1935, a British-ruled India: When hardly any legal practitioners of Indian origin were allowed to practice, Paresh Rastogi, a young and righteous lawyer, arrives in the quaint town of Panajpur to set up his own legal practice. But soon, he is met with racist judges and uncooperative government officials who want to make his life very difficult.

Being new in town, Paresh faces jealousy, contempt and even hatred from several senior lawyers who find his honest ways a threat. The cases that appear simple at first, take him through a trail of twists and turns, making him look deeper and dwell into his own values. Not only does Panajpur present itself with an unseemly animosity towards Paresh, but also makes him encounter with corrupt and power-hungry people. This honest lawyer is challenged again and again and torn apart on the decision of siding with the right or the wrong, while the line between the two keeps blurring.

Will Paresh be able to stand against all adversities of the new town or will he become the very thing he hated?

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5.5'' x 8.5''


600 Grams



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