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Overdue Conversations


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Mokshda Jailkhani

A seeker seeking everything, every way.


“OVERDUE CONVERSATIONS” is a collection of short, heartwarming, feel-good prose pieces that will have readers living a little bit of life with each page they turn. This compilation consists of essays written on matters of the heart, the simplest yet the most neglected human emotions, feelings and thoughts that are taught to be taboo to even experience internally, and brings to light everything that we never give ourselves permission or time to experience. The chapters acknowledge, validate and even celebrate having a goal but being too scared, being a sensitive person in a metal-hearted world, accepting that goals can be worked towards without suffering, the superpower of being able to cry when we need to, finding the beauty within and slowing down to smell the flowers or speeding up to plant the seeds because really, that’s a choice, and all around being an unapologetically human slice of life that feels each feeling there is to feel and cries each tear we have always been forbidden to, without assigning any labels to ourselves and to everyone else. Most of the chapters are written in a conversational or sometimes self-talk style in order to make the flow of sentences more expressive and relatable as opposed to instructional or exclusive (as sometimes seen in self-help or inner management books) to make the reader feel comforted, accepted and seen, and to help them see how we are more alike than we are different.


Let ‘The golden idiot’ make you see how precious you are even though your love and surrender towards that person was betrayed. Let ‘Bring it on!’ make you see how in-love you are with basic humanness and how organically, ‘severely’ beautiful you are when you do something as simple as wipe the sweat off your face. Let ‘Bittersweet’ re-acquaint you with all the pain you have endured, and from that pain, help you extract your new, scarred, warrior self, and immerse yourself in the acceptance of being ‘different’ as ‘What are you?’ holds your hand in the awareness that so many of us feel this way, and that’s okay. The intricately woven prose collection in “Overdue Conversations” promises to touch on human connections and intrapersonal relationships like never before.

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