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Lives Not Lived


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Monika Bhatti

A software engineer from head, a writer from heart.


The only good thing about pain is that it connects. And “Lives not Lived” is a story about the same connection. It is a story about Haree and Naina who are dealing with the same kind of struggles but are still hoping to survive.


This book talks about child marriage, abuse, and courage. It’s a story about all the innocent children who could not protect themselves. It’s a journey of women who always lived in silence. It’s a silent journey we all go through or see around us.


Haree, a young girl was married off when she was 16. She always lived a simple life. She had accepted the anger that her father had for her mother for giving birth to only girls the way women lived and were treated, everything was acceptable to her. She had no desire of any kind until she married Ram.


Naina is different from Haree. She did not want to accept the restrictions, neither she wants to break them. All she wants is to live in her own imagination where she could play and sing and dance. But everything changes for both of them when they came face to face with pain. When life broke them, they call out every ounce of courage to save themselves and others around them.

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