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In God’s Country, Karwar


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Twenty years ago, circumstances pushed a teenager, Vinod Hegde to kill someone. Now, released from prison, he wants to start a new life in Bangalore. But trouble seems to follow him… trouble of the deadly kind. Vinod is forced to return to his home town, Karwar, but not everyone is pleased to welcome him back.

His old friend Inspector Rock is investigating the murder of a prominent lawyer Satish Verma. While Verma’s wife and children seem devastated at the loss, there’s a damning rumour. Uma Verma, Satish Verma’s wife, has a secret lover who has killed her husband. A week later, a planning officer is also found dead and soon another murder follows. Inspector Rock struggles to establish a connection and the town is scared.

To make matters worse, a multi-crore fortune is at stake, and a wild and ruthless set of criminals are chasing it. They are in no mood to let anyone stand in their way.

Will Inspector Rock find the ruthless killers? Can Vinod Hegde rekindle his old love and get back to a normal life? Will Uma Verma finally find peace and happiness? Time will tell. The only problem is, there isn’t much of it…

A story of long-lost love, friendship and murder, set in the scenic coastal town of Karwar, India.

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