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I Prescribe Love


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Lavnya Krishnamurthy

Author, Opthalmologist, Bibliophile


‘What do you want to be, dear?’
‘A doctor and only a doctor, nothing else!’

Replies a bespectacled, nerdy, double plaited, enthusiastic Shwetha, as her parents ask her about her career plans. Little does this girl from a traditional Tamil Brahmin family know however, that those innocent words were going to change her life completely. The day she steps into medical school, so many new and exciting things happen in her life one after the other – long lasting friendship, first crush, first love, and an eventual heartbreak. Just when she thinks her life couldn’t be more perfect, fate casts a sarcastic smile on her. As her hands heal many, she wonders whether or not her heart will truly heal and if true love will find its way to her.

If you are ready to ride a light-hearted roller coaster of romance, friendship, heartbreak, the becoming and life of a doctor, well what are you waiting for? Pick this book up and hop on!

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