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A Leaf upon a Book


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Many a time verse letters from this casement
bear scribblings of obsessions,
of society’s hitches and surprises for self,
of cloudy climes and sun-kissed orchards,
of wildernesses and tempestuous deeps,
of candid summers and invisible strings,
of praise to the Prophet (PBUH),
of gallantry of his progeny,
of a deft metamorphosis,
of the play of the counterfeit self,
of a response to Dickinson’s verse and a cynic’s shells.

A medley of 25 poems, holding something for everyone.

“Anam Tariq’s debut poetry collection is very special in its themes, semantics, and visual appeal. It emotes powerful, thoughtful, and keen observations on myriad issues of global concern. The language is full of imagery and exquisitely woven, somewhat reminiscent of Wordsworth, Frost and Shakespeare.”

ANITA NAHAL, Indian American poet, children’s writer, and professor, author of Hey, Spilt Milk Is Spilt, Nothing Else

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