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11:11 Sonnets of Silence


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As you stroll through the garden of most commonly used English phrases, you are bestowed upon a very highly accepted phrase ‘silence is golden’. Another one in the same family, although never considered to be equivalent is ‘A picture paints a thousand words’. I beg to differ. Silence is when a person holds back an ocean of emotion pertaining to the situation. The human being has a continuous evolution aspect when it comes to the range of emotions. And love being the epicenter. Love is the one emotion that holds every other emotion in a compact labyrinth inside one’s mind. And this love, is an emotion that takes a person through out this roller coaster of a ride known as life. It makes you do things that you would have never thought that you were capable of it. Albeit all this positivity, when love takes a wrong turn it leaves a person devoid of words and sulking in silence. And then comes situations where some words can express and clear the air, yet silence is the chosen winner and there is regret filled in some part of a person’s soul for the remainder of their lifetime. With this book, I try to understand these silences and get to the bottom of the situation and try to perceive a deeper meaning. I venture in to the minds of people experiencing love for the first time and then losing their way. Grief stricken emotions and situations; when there is a necessity of words and yet people let it pass, moving on with gulp in the throat rather than spitting out their deep lying emotions. Exploring the dark side of a person’s mind, when the love of living is exitinguished creating an uproar of random negative thoughts and the emotion of love is swalloned by a black hole are just some of the chapters explored in this book. Furthermore, each experience each story is in the form of a sonnet and in first person narrative form. This gives an ideal combibation of words that should have existed, yet the scene, environment or the individual was filled with silence!

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