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Definitions of Love


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Tasneem Sara

Just like my Zodiac, I am a carefree, adventurous and fun-loving person with a great taste for both intense reading and spicy food. In plain and simple words, I am an author by heart, mind and soul. I am an author by heart. I write for myself and also for those who would want to enjoy simple joys of life.…


Young and vulnerable Tamanna Habib falls head over heels for Sameer Raheja who happens to meet her on the eve of her 18th birthday. In spite of their dissimilarities, the love affair that rapidly initiates from a pastry shop continues to grow until Tamanna takes a closer glance in his life. The secret begins to reveal and their relation starts descending until he completely walks out of her life. Ryan, who is now her amiable companion, who understands her, supports her and loves her, is soon to become her better half. Better late than never, Tamanna learns to understand people and comes to a realisation that life is not always, what it appears on the surface. She accepts the fact that love exists in different forms and is one of the best emotions that touches the heart.

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